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Physiotherapy and Pilates in Cascais

Ricarda Kley
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Pilates and Physiotherapy in Cascais

Pilates - what is it?

Pilates is a holistic body workout approach, which combines breathing techniques, body centering, strength training, coordination, balance and stretching into harmonious, flowing movements. Pilates is ideal for putting the body back into ones equilibrium. Your body does not only feel more upright, rigid, strenghtened, agile and healthier. It actually is!

The main principles of Pilates

  • Centering (the body center with the deep abdominals and pelvic floor)
  • Respiratory (breathing is used supporting and deepening)
  • Control (controlled movement)
  • Harmonic flow of movement

You can train toghether with others in the Pilates group, or book a personal training (individual training).

If you like to, you can also book the 2in1- training as a couple or together with a friend.

I am also offering gentle Pilates for pregnant women as well as Pilates after pregnancy for regression (post natal exercises).