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Physiotherapy and Pilates in Cascais

Ricarda Kley
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Pilates for pregnants

Pilates for pregnant women

Tailored to the needs of expectant mothers and their childs.

For your and your childs well-being exercises during pregancy are crucial.

With this gentle pilates-training specially designed for pregnant women your doing yourself and your unborn child a favor in personal-training individually or having fun in a group.


offer pilates post natal

Gettin in shape after pregnancy with this specific Pilates Training.

Also after pregnancy your body should not be abandoned.

The goal of post-natal-pilates is to stimulate the regression of pregnancy induced change of the connective tissue and muscles.

This Pilates training is emphazising the strengthening the pelvic floor and the deeper and later on more surfaced abdominal muscles.

Pilates and Relax Package

offer back treatment

Pilates and massage packaged for maximum comfort.

Know this situation:

You have just finshed your Piilates-Training and you are already on your way to your next appointment.

Wouldn't you rather like to relax for some minutes?

Allow yourself a little time-out after your 60 minute Pilates training and reward yourself with 30 minutes relaxation massage.


Info: Reimbursment with your health insurance is possible.

Physiotherapy / manual therapy / osteopathic techniques (50 min.): 70€

Kinesiology Taping (50 min.): 5-25€

Medical Massages / Myofacial Treatment
Back & neck/ or legs (30 min.): 45€
Whole body (60 min.): 70€

Lymphatic Drainage
(50 min.): 60€

Pilates Personal-Training (individual)
-for beginners to advanced, pregnant, post-natal, modified with back injuries-
1 session (60 min): 60 €,

Pilates in groups
1h Pilates in a group: 15
Coupon worth 5h Pilates in a group: 65
Coupon worth 10h Pilates in a group: 120

Pilates (30min.) + Massage (30 min.)
1 session (60 min): 65 €,

Pilatestraining as a couple/friends (2 persons max.): Attend with a friend or partner and only pay 35€ (p.P.) for 60 min.

Gift Vouchers: All offers are also available as vouchers / coupons.
After payment received, I will send you a valuable gift certificate immediately. Contact me for more information.

Home Visits: 20€ on top; with patients facing immobility or severe illness pricing is set individually, depending on frequency.